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Tedesco Realty handles all phases of sales and leasing with Office, Retail & Industrial properties. Unlike other firms where agents specialize, we take the big picture approach and can switch gears between leasing and sales as easily as we can handle mixed use and address the nuances of each type of deal.

The intricacies of reaching a successful commercial sale are frequently complex and varied. Leveraging our regional market expertise with an understanding of  property management and construction, we help clients evaluate the most efficient operation of their property to provide the greatest representation.

With our proprietary financial models, we analyze investment properties to ascertain tenancy probabilities, rental/expense metrics and how it all relates to current and projected markets.

With our established regional network and varied marketing channels, our primary goal is to achieve the fastest action and best price for our client’s investment.


For investors, partnering with a company intimately involved in the local and regional markets can be the competitive advantage necessary to uncover true value-add opportunities.

The trust we engender with our buyers creates a free flow of information to find the investment best suited for their needs. As most experienced buyers know, the key to success is to have an agent that knows how to get deals done.


Commercial tenants will often consider the benefits of acquiring their currently leased space. This can be a worthy business decision depending on the circumstances. Our consultative approach helps clients navigate this important decision as they grow their business.


Our ability to help clients achieve full occupancy of their properties has been a critical component of our long-term success. Our marketing strategy is tailored to reach the intended audience and for the type of space offered. We aim to minimize the time a property sits vacant while reaching the best lease terms possible.

Space Procurement

We are the choice if you need to find commercial space in our region. Our access to the availabilities in the marketplace is second to our knowledge of that marketplace and the ability to make the most economical deal for you.
Management Consultation

Properly executed, property management can enhance profits and help towards the goal of a successful sale.

We offer property management consultation for clients, and when appropriate can  assume full property management responsibilities. In this capacity we gain a fuller understanding of the property, allowing for better representation.

In past transactions, this service has helped uncover additional profits as well as potential  problems that could have derailed an otherwise successful deal.

Design Consultation
Our knack for space planning is comparable to the pros. We have an in-house CAD system that allows us to make preliminary, but elaborate space layouts, even before offers are made.
Construction Consultation

In construction, the low price is no better than the high price - investors needs the right price. With our broad background in construction, we help clients determine the best solution for their project while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Our knack for space planning is comparable to the pros. We have an in-house CAD system that allows us to make preliminary yet elaborate space layouts, even before offers are made.


Tedesco Realty will never hold anyone to a listing agreement if our marketing is getting no activity. Please don't confuse this with quitting. We are not quitters and in some cases, listings have been renewed several times before a successfully transaction has occurred.